We specialize in managing Occupational Health and Safety in the Mining, Construction, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy (Solar) and the Facilities Management industries.

Facilities Management industries.





Renewable Energy (Solar)

Services Provided:

  • Health and safety consulting services (Part-Time or Full Time).
  • Compiling of company/site-specific health and safety files.
  • Auditing and verification of health and safety files and documents.
  • Identification of training needs and requirements.
  • Development of health and safety management systems.
  • Improvement of current health and safety systems.
  • Conducting health and safety inspections and audits.
  • Providing health and safety inspection reports based on inspections and audit findings.
  • Incident investigation and causation analysis to determine the root causes.
  • Providing recommendations to reduce risk and prevent incidents.
  • Reporting of incidents to the Department of Labour on behalf of the employer/contractor
  • Development of health and safety plans based on the client’s safety specifications.
  • Conducting and development of baseline and issue-based risk assessments.
  • Evaluation and development of site-specific emergency preparedness procedures.
  • Compiling safety standards, safe working procedures and safe operating procedures.
  • Notification of construction work to the Department of Labour.
  • Application for Construction work permits from the Department of Labour.
  • Safety Management on behalf of the Contractor/Employer.
  • Compiling of fall protection plans based on the operational requirements.
  • Assistance with health and safety financial planning/quotations for new projects.
  • Vetting of sub-contractors and service providers.
  • Assistance with health and safety requirement and considerations for specific projects.
  • Health and Safety services anywhere Nationally or Internationally.
  • Behaviour Based Safety/Behaviour Based Coaching.
  • Facilitation of Health & Safety Representative Training and First Aid Training.
  • Facilitation of Medical Certificates of Competency.
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